SanDisk Announced the New TLC Z410 SSD series

April 27, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

SanDisk announced their brand new Z410 SSD line-up, for the purpose of replacing commercial-oriented Z400 series. The Z410 line-up adopts the brand new TLC NAND solution with a 15nm fabrication process. The memory capacities cover 120GB, 240GB and (…)

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Officially Retired

April 21, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

After 10 years’ of ups and downs, the Xbox 360 is officially going to retire. Microsoft has officially stopped the manufacturing of the Xbox 360. Globally 85.45 million units of this game console have been sold since the release in (…)

Apple’s 12 inch MacBook sees Update

April 21, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

Apple updated the 12 inch MacBook. Even though the design and display are same as the last one you can find updates on the CPU, GPU, RAM, battery and colour options. The CPU has been updated from Broadwell to Skylake, (…)

Sony doubles GPU Power on the PS4K

April 19, 2016 justmiff 0

The revision of the console has been anticipated for some time now, but Giant Bomb claims that the new hardware will feature an improved graphics chipset, doubling the shader core count from 1152 (18 CU) to 2304 (…)

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