3DMark enjoys new Virtual Reality Benchmark

With Virtual Reality taking the main stage in 2016 and headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive round the corner, PC enthusiasts are preparing for potentially the next biggest step towards hyper-realism in the gaming industry. One such company known historically for it’s software that brings the best of machines to their knees, Futuremark (formerly MadOnion) have added VRMark, a virtual reality benchmarking tool to their 3DMark software package. This is alongside an updated UI and greater control over benchmark downloads and patches.

Image shows the VRMark Preview running in 3DMark Professional edition.
Image shows the VRMark Preview running in 3DMark Professional edition.

Previously, headset manufacturers and game designers have stressed the steep system requirements for comfortably running VR. Considering it is an emerging technology, this is not at all surprising – however current benchmarking tools such as the recent SteamVR Performance Test revealed gamers may require as much as an nVidia GTX 970 to meet the minimum requirements for a healthy VR experience.

Available currently only with Advanced and Professional editions of the 3DMark suite, the VRMark benchmark takes place in an exhibition of features and scenes from games of the past, with tests slowly increasing in complexity as the bar is raised above touted ‘minimum specifications’, the second scene consequently targets more powerful hardware.

You can find the latest VRMark information and download here.

Sources: [1] https://www.futuremark.com/benchmarks/vrmark

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