AMD announces new 7th Generation A-Series Processors

It looks to be a good year for AMD, previously announcing availability of it’s 7th generation mobile processors which are now shipping to major PC manufacturers. AMD have now announced their 7th generation processors belonging to A-series class of what they call ‘accelerated processing units’. The ‘accelerated processing unit’ is a configuration of the CPU architecture to bring focus to interoperability in terms of graphics and x86 compute, with APUs often sharing die space with powerful Radeon-based integrated graphics chipsets.

Screenshot shows AMD presentation detailing new 'Bristol Ridge' architecture.
Screenshot shows AMD presentation detailing new ‘Bristol Ridge’ architecture.

Bristol Ridge

The architecture uses the same cores as can be found in it’s predecessor, named “Carrizo”. There are a few tweaks however, with the new A-Series processors now supporting DDR4 memory, with AMD touting a ‘massive x86 improvement’ when compared to previous generation accelerated processing units.

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