AMD Radeon Pro Duo’s complete specification exposed

AMD released the latest twin-GPU Radeon Pro Duo in mid March, which is in terms of compute performance, the fastest GPU released so far.

An online article recently exposed the AMD Radeon Pro Duo’s complete specifications.

The AMD Radeon Pro Duo makes use of a 28 nm fabrication process, with 8192 stream processors, 128 computing units, up to 1000 MHz main frequency, 16.38 TFlops single-precision floating-point performance, 512 texture units (512 GT/s fill rate), 128 rasterizers (128 GP/s pixel fill rate), two 4096-bit 4 GB HBM high bandwidth memory, 500 MHz memory frequecy, 1 TB/s total bandwidth, three 8 pin power ports and 250 W thermal design power consumption.

AMD claimed that the Radeon Pro Duo’s overall performance is 1.5 times of the TITAN X, 1.3 times of the R9 295X2.

In addition, even though the floating point of the 16TFLOP card is the twice tgat of the Fury X,  the power consumption is comparatively only 350W.

It’s rumoured that the price of this GPU will be $1499.



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