AMD rumored to release Radeon R9 490X and 490 in June

The new Polaris architecture from AMD should bring improved performance and power efficiency to the next generation of VR-Ready GPUs. The next high-end graphics chipsets from AMD, the R9 490X and R9 490 are rumored to release in June[1]. They’re poised to be the direct competitors to nVidia’s supposed GTX 1080/1070 line of graphics cards and is thought likely to outclass nVidia’s current consumer-class champion, the 980 Ti.

Image shows two comparable systems running the same demonstration.
Image shows two comparable systems running the same demonstration.

Polaris to deliver a “historic leap in performance per watt”

AMD claims that the new architecture will set new standards for the performance per watt metrics in modern graphics processing units. A demonstration of a Polaris system was previewed in January this year showing a remarkable improvement over a comparable GTX 950 system, with the unspecified Polaris GPU-equipped system using just under 60 Watts on average less than nVidia’s current-gen budget conscious GPU. If these power savings are true, AMD might be able to best nVidia at their recent advantage in terms of power efficiency.

This is currently just rumor and speculation, AMD will likely reveal official specification at Computex at the end of may.



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