China’s Top 10 Knock-off Video Game Consoles

China is renowned for it’s market of not-so-honest designs and counterfeit merchandise, but how do their knock off video games consoles fare? In this article we rank our top 10 of China’s funniest console ripoffs! Every effort has been made to obtain information about these consoles, but information is hard to acquire, with ripoff manufacturers often selling without a website or any public information.

Top 10: Game Joy ( Game Boy knock-off)


The Game Boy was a first generation handheld console released by Nintendo in 1989. It became really popular and attracted Chinese manufacturers’ attention too.

T0p 9: WiNi (Wii knock-off)


The Nintendo Wii was released by Nintendo in 2006/11/6. The WiNi is a product under the famous game console knock-off company Subor of China. In addition to the game consoles this product also comes along with a tennis racket.

Top 8: Kontorland KT-103 (NES knock-off)


The NES was released by Nintendo in 1983, it was a game changer for the industry.

Top 7: Super Megason IV (PS1 knock off)


Even though Super Megason IV looks just like an ordinary PlayStation I, when you open the lid up it has cassette slots rather than a CD-ROM drive. When the cassette slot is occupied, you can’t close the lid on the console properly. This SMIV is equipped with three controllers, two are game pads similar to the PlayStations ‘Dualshock’ controllers but with 6 buttons on the right-hand side of the controller instead of four much like the Sega Genesis. The other controller is pistol shaped and it comes with a Tetris imitation game.

Many of the buttons on it have no functions but are simply there to show more resemblance to the Sega Genesis in appearance.  The controller wires are also so short that you have to sit really close to the TV to play.

Top 6: Super Polystation 2 (PlayStation 2 knock off)


The PlayStation 2 was a 128 bit game console released by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc in 2000, it became one of the most popular games consoles around the world.

The PolyStation is famous for its cheap and low quality plastic material.

Top 5:X-Game 360 (Xbox 360 knock off)


This Xbox 360 clone is one of the best knock-offs as it’s actually an 8-bit NES emulator. It comes with two poorly designed controllers sharing the same green colours scheme along with a gun controller. Again, the wires on this controller are less than 1 meter in length.

Top 4: PolyStation3 (PS3 knock off)


Following the success of the Super PolyStation II, Sony’s PS3 couldn’t escape the fate of the Chinese knock-off manufacturers!

The PolyStation3 is similar to the PS3 in appearance but the size is actually a lot smaller. This MPS3 can’t play games with CD or connect to the TV.  Rather it uses its own extensible screen to play. This MPS3 comes with games about football and baseball, Submarine Invasion and Space Guardian. You’d need to have 3 AAA batteries to charge it.

Top 3: PX-3600 (Xbox knock off)


When this pic first released online some people even thought this was a brand new “hybrid” video game console which had the compatibility of both Xbox and PlayStation games. Actually it’s just a knock-off of that both two. PX-3600 was equipped with two gaming consoles but only one had vibration function, probably out of the concern of cost. This console was developed by the company named Cheer-Tech.

Top 2: Subor (FC knock off)


The Nintendo Entertainment System was the first generation game console released by Nintendo. Subor was one of the most successful consoles in china and it became popular all over China. It consists of the 6502 CPU and a special GPU. The game is played by inserting cassettes.

Top 1: OUYE (PS4 knock off)


OUYE’s appearance as a PS4 knock-off gained itself criticism around the world. This product was released by JingDong, a famous online shopping site in China. The device runs Android and it claims only to be more powerful than the OUYA, the device is stole it’s name from.

The console uses Allwinner A80 8 core CPU and 64 core GPU. It also has 2G DDR RAM and 16GEMMC flash memory, supporting 64G SD card and 500G USB expansion. The price is around $100. The console has been the bane of western law enforcement, with Chinese authorities refusing to press charges for copyright infringement.





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