Apple’s 12 inch MacBook sees Update

Apple updated the 12 inch MacBook. Even though the design and display are same as the last one you can find updates on the CPU, GPU, RAM, battery and colour options.

The CPU has been updated from Broadwell to Skylake, including three ULV processor configurations: Core m3-6Y30 1.1-2.2GHz, Core m5-6Y54 1.2-2.7GHz and Core m7-6Y75 1.3-3.1GHz.

They were fabricated on the 14nm process node, with two cores across four threads, 4MB cache and a 4.5W thermal design power consumption, with a 3.5/4.8W typical power scenario. It’s not a big update from the former Core m-5Y series.

The GPU was updated from the HD 5300 to the HD 515. It still has 24 execution units and the same clock frequency as the last generation but the Core m7-6Y75 can accelerate to 950MHz.

The ram is still 8GB LPDDR3 but with a higher frequency of 1866MHz.  The battery capacity increased from 39.7Wh to 41.4Wh, which Apple claims can last up to 10 hours.

The new MacBook starts at just £1,049.99 from the Apple store. This product is also available from Grey Method directly for £899.99 if you’re in the UK, just send us a message and we’ll discuss options.


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