Feminists Launch Database to Identify Anyone Who Disagrees

Update: Their site seems to be experience major issues currently. You can find a cached copy of the website here.

The tech startup who introduce their kickstarter campaign with, “[w]e are about to break the internet,” are creating a database which would help identify anyone who disagrees with them. Funding for the project has since been suspended by Kickstarter, with the project aiming to help ‘name and shame’ anyone who disagrees with them. The project, run by a team of what seems to be 8 women aims to push legislation to enforce restrictions on free speech based on the contents of their database.

Screenshot shows the submission form for disagreeing folk.
Screenshot shows the submission form for any disagreeing folk.

Their site, socialautopsy.com provides a platform for users to ‘submit a person’ which identifies them not only by their name and social account, but their employer, their face and their school(s). The button to complete the submission reads literally, “review and send to the morgue.”

A petition has been raised by disgruntled netizens hoping to terminate the kickstarter campaign, claiming it has an ‘orwellian’ appearance, with many high profile social media groups sharing the campaign with comments comparing it to George Orwell’s 1984.

Though perhaps I’ll see myself on the database, with screenshots to this article. 

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