Final Fantasy XV could end the Franchise

For Square Enix (formerly Square Co.), the latest hyped release could cause fame or shame for the franchise. Hajime Tabata (田畑 端), the game director behind the Final Fantasy 15 has claimed[1]:

It is a more grave and serious situation than we had initially thought.

He later went on to express that the release is a make or break for the franchise and that it could be the end of the numbered mainline series we have seen successful for the past three decades. This is bad news for Square Enix, the first game was initially named ‘Final Fantasy’ as a last effort to survive in the gaming industry and consequently spawned success for the longtime game development house.

Screenshot shows Final Fantasy XV
Screenshot shows Final Fantasy XV

Experts believe the game has a lot to prove, with Final Fantasy VII being the most popular entry in the franchise and a game of this scale has a lot to live up to. Previous titles such as Final Fantasy XIII were met with criticism in general from fans, which Square Enix in turn responded by claiming players were approaching the game with too much of a ‘western’ view.[2]

Final Fantasy XV Release Date

The title is expected to release on September 30th 2016[3], but this date is still met with skepticism. It’s to release on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles and will feature an open world gameplay mechanic along with a revised battle system. It is set in a modern world similar to modern-day earth. Development began in 2006 and was announced as an exclusive title for the PlayStation 3.

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