Intel Announces Major Restructures and Redundancies

In possibly one of the chip industries worrying events, Intel has announced plans to cut 11% of it’s workforce and shift away from desktop and mobile processors. This decision is met with confusion, as it recently announced it would not make any redundancies in it’s Irish workforce.

The tech giant would make a workforce of 12,000 people redundant, with some redundancies voluntary and some involuntary. Along with a diminished revenue forecast and management reshuffling, Intel plans to consolidate sites and bring a focus to the datacenter and their memory and IoT solutions.

The Intel CEO, Brian Kazanich sent out an email to all employees announcing that he’s been working towards ‘transforming our company from a PC company to a company that powers billions of smart, connected computing devices.’

Intel is expecting the PC market to decline and thus is shifting their companies interests, but some might believe that the changes are more of an ‘Intel’ problem than a PC market problem.

It’s likely that this is the start of a very long chain of events to shift computing culture from one that emphasises on power to one that boasts efficiency, with single threaded performance in Intel processors slowly declining with each generational leap, PC chip designers and manufacturers must find new ways to make products more compelling and unique than just making them faster.

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