Intel Broadwell-E Lineup Confirmed – X99 to Support i7-6950X

ASRock, a leading Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer has revealed the latest Intel Broadwell-E processor lineup. They are now known to support existing the X99 chipset on an LGA 2011 v3 socket and come in configurations of up to 10 hyper-threaded cores. ASRock recommend a BIOS upgrade now for existing owners of an X99 board wishing to upgrade.

Processor Specifications

News and rumours about the Broadwell-E lineup has been in the pipeworks for some months now, with the 10-core Intel Core i7-6950X confirmed by Intel themselves last week. The new processors will feature up to 4.7 billion transistors on a 306mm2 die depending on the processor. The lowest configuration of Intel’s new lineup is the Core i7-6800K, which will feature 6 hyper-threaded cores running at a 3.40GHz base clock and 15MB L3 Cache. The lineup is speculated to cost around $400(US) with the flagship CPU priced at above $1500. They will all feature the same 140W TDP.

Intel Broadwell-E Family

Processor NameCore i7-6950XCore i7-6900KCore i7-6850KCore i7-6800K
Base Clock3.00 GHz3.20GHz3.60GHz3.40GHz
Turbo Clock3.50 GHz3.70GHz3.80GHz3.60GHz
L3 Cache25MB20MB15MB15MB
Launch Price (estimate)$1500 USD$999 USD$550 USD$390 USD
SocketLGA 2011-3LGA 2011-3LGA 2011-3LGA 2011-3

Intel accidentally revealed their flagship Core i7-6950X last week when they added it to the support list of their Management Engine software.

Image shows i7-6950X listed in supported CPU list before Intel removed it.
Image shows i7-6950X listed in supported CPU list before Intel removed it.

It is not yet confirmed when these chips will hit the market, but we speculate we’ll see some of these CPUs in time for Q3 2016.

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