Intel Reveals Low-Cost PC Platform to replace Cherry Trail

Intel has officially released their successor to the popular Cherry Lake platform. The architecture is designed to be power efficient and it’s predecessor is featured in many phones, tablet computers and small notebooks. It features a custom architecture designed solely for power efficiency, with basic configurations pulling less than 2 watts of power under load.

Screenshot from Intel's presentation at IDF 2016.
Screenshot from Intel’s presentation at IDF 2016.

The next generation architecture is set to feature Generation 9 Intel integrated graphics, which along with LPDDR4 memory support should offer significantly enhanced graphics performance. The chip giant also appears to have added hardware video codecs for formats such as HEVC and VP9. We suspect that they will raise the EU count to 24 from 12-16, which along with a better core should yield anywhere from a 40 to 70% improvement in terms of graphics power depending on clock speeds.

The chip is set to release in the second half of 2016, and should permit tablet computers running the new graphics core to be more competent at casual gaming and people looking to use professional software suites on the move. The reduced BOM (bill of materials) from Intel shows substantial cost savings for the PC manufacturers, which means we should start to see the upgraded core featuring in laptops as low as £139 in the UK.

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