Amazon leak reveals plans to release new Kindle Oasis

Amazon is rumored to release the latest Kindle this week. But before Jeff Bezos hosts the news conference, Chinese shopping website TianMao has exposed information about this product. Jeff tweeted earlier this week revealing that a new Kindle would drop this week. The related web page has since been taken offline.

Jeff Bezos' tweet about the new release.
Jeff Bezos’ tweet about the new release.

According to TianMao the latest Kindle will be named the ‘Kindle Oasis’. It has a large frame on the right side and page turning button so that users can hold with one hand alone and will not have to tap on the screen to turn pages.

Kindle Oasis Specifications

It will feature a display with a 300 ppi pixel density. The LED back-light quantities inside the product has increased by 60% which makes it comfortable to read in the dark with less uneven light distribution.

The information also suggested that the Kindle Oasis will weigh 131 g, which is 20% lighter than the previous version, with the thinnest part of the device at 3.4 mm and thickest part is 8.5 mm which has been so far met with positivity.

The leak also suggests that with the latest chargeable Kindle case, running time could last up to 20 months. A new Kindle “sleep mode” (app?) will help bring longer battery life, Amazon describes this as “double battery system” as Kindle can use both the battery from device itself and from the case. The case has three colour options and a magnetic component to connect to the Kindle.

Nevertheless the latest Kindle Oasis will not provide any waterproofing capacity. It’s unclear now whether Kindle Oasis would be the replacement of Kindle Voyage.

Kindle Oasis
Image taken from TianMao shows the supposed ‘Kindle Oasis’

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