Lenovo announces VR-ready partnership with NVIDIA

Many major PC manufacturers have associated in one way or another with the leading VR enthusiasts, this is in an effort to push machines equipped to handle the technology. The likes of Dell, HP, ASUS and MSI have partnered up with Oculus or HTC in one way or another to help drive the market forward. The next in line is Lenovo, with some of their Lenovo ThinkStations now touting VR-capable specifications in a new partnership with NVIDIA, the current market leader in GPU hardware.

‘Virtual Reality Ready’ Workstations

ThinkStation P910 and P710 Workstations
ThinkStation P910 and P710 Workstations

The Lenovo ThinkStation P500, P710 and P910 are all joining the ‘VR Ready’ range of personal computers, with configurations that boast NVIDIA Quadro graphics processors. The Lenovo article reads, “[t]here are no limits to how virtual reality is changing the future of many professional industries.”

This is positive news for the VR space. As more major PC manufacturers join the race to push virtual reality to the mainstream, we are seeing an emergence in the professional industry where researchers and engineers are finding new ways to embrace the technology in their work.

Sources: http://blog.lenovo.com/en/blog/lenovo-commits-to-bringing-leading-vr-solutions-to-professional-industries/

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