Microsoft sues U.S. Government over Secret Data Requests

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We’ve seen a huge rise in public awareness of data security concerns, previously with Apple making a public declaration of their plans to resist the FBIs demand to unlock a killer’s iPhone. Microsoft have jumped into the game, previously supporting Apple’s decision to resist the demands. Now a major cloud service provider, the tech giant has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over the ever expanding use of orders for data requests. Microsoft claims that over two thirds of gag orders have no time limit for expiration, leaving users/victims uninformed of the data exposure.


Gag orders from the U.S. government prohibit the company from notifying users about warrants received for their data. The firm believes they are using the increasing popularity of cloud services as a means to dance around the Fourth Amendment which empowers the people to have an awareness of when the government searches or seizes their property.

Microsoft hopes the Department of Justice should issue a policy that could restrict the gag orders from law enforcement, extending to an amendment of the Electronic Communications Protection Act through a new EPA reform to require government notice for warrants. This is also not the first time Microsoft has sued the government, with Microsoft gaining rights to disclose the number of data requests it has received.

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