NVIDIA Pascal GTX 1080/1070 rumored to release in June using GDDR5X

Update: nVidia may release THREE new GPUs in June instead of two, with the 1080 Ti rumoured to release alongside the other two.[3]

The latest in nVidia’s graphics card lineup will feature their new Pascal architecture, which promises enhanced power efficiency and floating point performance. Based on a GP104[1] core, the GTX 1080 will be nVidia’s flagship card and may use 8GB of GDDR5X [1] memory to achieve what is speculated to be as much as 384GB/s depending on memory clock over a 256-bit bus, which should eliminate bottlenecks and enable smoother high resolution gaming, plus post-120Hz refresh rates for high-end VR.

There is doubt whether nVidia may actually be able to equip a GPU for release in June considering JEDEC only finalised the GDDR5X standard in Q4 2015, but hope remains.[4]

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The card will be manufactured on nVidia’s 16nm FinFET node and likely feature 2048 CUDA cores for a theoretical performance of 6.2TFLOPs (single precision), though this is just our own speculation based on existing information, it may differ based on the GP104 core.

The GTX 1070 will use ordinary GDDR5 memory and a similar core count to the current 980/970 lineup at 1664 CUDA cores, with the same 256-bit bus.

These cards are going to release in June[2].

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    • cherry picking your benchmarks is a bad sign of fanboy behaviour

      we both know it could go either way depending on each side’s claims

  1. As someone with an msi fury x i can say unequivocally that the fury x can handle 4k at a solid 60 frames even on the most demanding settings on the most demanding games.
    I play Far Cry Primal at full 4k on a 28 inch asus monitor in ultra settings…. ULTRA.
    If I drop down to High I get around 90fps. Nvidia can’t touch this on a single card.

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