Rust developer enforces Character Gender on Players

In a controversial move, Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios is being heavily criticized for announcing plans to have no character gender options in Rust. The developer claims there’s no reason to have a choice, and that a toggle option is not hard to add – they just don’t want to add one.

The developer claims that your in-game character’s sex will be determined by a gender decided from your Steam ID, and that ‘technically nothing has changed’. We should add that this is generated at random based on your real steam ID number.

Tweet showing Garry Newman featuring the news.
Tweet showing Garry Newman featuring the news.

The decision has been met almost with unanimous distaste, and skeptics claim that this is a huge hit for the early-access game design model. Garry Newman, also the creator of the influential “Garry’s Mod”, has disappointed fans of the Rust video game who have already paid in the past with slow development pace over the past few years. In 2014, Facepunch studios announced a new project which angered fans, as the Early Access game had not reached anywhere near release.

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