SanDisk Announced the New TLC Z410 SSD series

SanDisk announced their brand new Z410 SSD line-up, for the purpose of replacing commercial-oriented Z400 series.

The Z410 line-up adopts the brand new TLC NAND solution with a 15nm fabrication process. The memory capacities cover 120GB, 240GB and 480GB configurations, and they will mainly release the 2.5″ disk.

Promotional banner from SanDisk
Promotional banner from SanDisk.

SanDisk didn’t give the details about the R/W performance (Z400 is about 540MB/s in reading and 200MB/s in writes), but they disclosed Z410 will have the SLC regions. The average BTBF will be 1.75 million hours and they provide 3 years warranty.

The 15nm flash will have a smaller surface area, this will help reduce the power consumption, which is beneficial to the laptop.

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