Polaris Technical specs leaked for AMD R9 480 & 470

The launch of AMD and nVidia’s next generation of graphics processors is around the corner, with speculations for releases in June. It seems that more information is crawling out of the woodwork, with details about the specifications of the Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPUs ready in time for Computex.

Focus on Efficiency

It’s a common mantra in recent times that AMDs processor and GPU lines are comparatively inefficient when scored against nVidia, it seems the chip designers over at AMD are battling hard against this. Supposedly, the new R9 480 GPUs will feature a TDP of just 100W and with this, be able to run titles at 1440p and a stable 60fps. It’s thought to have 2304 stream processors along with 8GB of VRAM. It’s unknown at this stage whether this memory will be HBM or standard GDDR5, though it’s much more likely to be the latter.

Alleged AMD Polaris 10 graphics processor [1]
Alleged AMD Polaris 10 graphics processor [1]
The Polaris 11 GPU, the R9 470 is considered to have a measly 50W TDP, though it’s yet unknown what kind of core configuration this graphics processor will have, but we anticipate it will be anywhere from 1024 to 1536 or any spread inbetween (1280 for X model,1024 for standard).

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