Top 5 tips to make an effective Personal Website

Making a personal website is easier than ever, with a myriad of great tools and services from hundreds of web hosting providers. They can help you design and develop your website, help you expose it to a wide audience and even optimise it for higher rankings in search engines. It’s becoming a huge thing again in 2016 and millions of people create a website every day. But don’t fall into the trap of making it a mess, your personal website is your ‘internet persona’ if you like, a statement and universal acknowledgement of who you are. Because of this, it’s really important to get it right!

To help you along, we’ve composed a short list of the five of our most important tips we have in making your personal website a great success. So, let’s begin.

5. There’s no right or wrong content.

Piano Player

Your personal website should (drumroll) reflect your personality, your passions and your works. It goes without saying that everyone is different, and so long as you’re not trying to offend everybody – there’s literally no right or wrong content for your web page. Just try really hard to make sure it reflects your own motivations and interests.

To do this, make an ‘About Me’ page that truly reflects you and only you, with information clearly available for them to contact you if that’s your desire. Authenticity is truly captivating when browsing a website that represents someone and their passions.

4. Keep it updated.

The web is dynamic, it’s packed full of constantly changing spaces with thousands of articles just like this written every day. The worst thing you can do is leave it stagnant. If you accomplish something great or finish a project, post an update. If you have something new to share, just write about it. Seriously though, search engines dislike dated content. Keeping your content fresh and information relevant at least every month can help ensure you get the exposure you require.

3. Network your area.

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Know a few friends into the same stuff as you? Convince them to make a site too, and link to each other.

Building a network, regardless of how you do it can have a positive effect on your exposure and the type of traffic you get to your site. You might start to see an increase in referrals from people who match the interest group your site is destined for, but more than anything it encourages everyone in the network to keep on creating great content.

Plus, if you have a big enough network there’s a chance someone who’s really interested in your site could come along and become a long time visitor, which is always the start of something great.

2. Less is more.

Keep your key messages potent and captivating. A personal website is often accessed in the spur of curiosity, don’t let it go to waste with a daunting blast of guff.

Use big, strong images and single sentences if you have to. You can add tons of content in your other pages, just make sure that you draw people in with simplicity. Nobody is forced to read your website, and they simply won’t if it’s daunting.

1. Make your presence known.

Guitarist Playing Gig

On almost every successful personal website there are links to social media accounts. People want to know that you’re active, that you’ll continue doing what you love, they might even wish to keep tabs on how things are going. Let them.

Creating and linking social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help build networks but can speak millions about your passion and enthusiasm. It can give your fans a platform to reach you and interact beyond the scope of your website, which can in turn make your website more effective.

If you are happy with the state of your website, make sure it’s SEO optimised so that people can find you on search engines, and so that links shared through platforms such as facebook look clean and professional. You can do this by ensuring you add quality content and meta tags to accompany it.


What do you think is the most important when making a personal website? Drop it in the comments and help someone else make the most of their web journey!

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