U.K. Government Announces eSports Olympics

The British government has announced the first ‘eGames’, an event that’s likely to take place every four years as an equivalent to the olympic games. With the emergence of eSports as a popular category, the event is a non-profit driven event and consequently will offer no monetary reward as a prize like we are used to seeing. Instead, countries will select teams of passionate and driven gamers to compete against the rest of the world in video game competitions.

Image shows League of Legends world championships.
Image shows League of Legends world championships.

Throughout the past decade, we have seen a huge increase in the number of sponsorships and events taking place promoting the idea, with a harrowing debate ongoing over whether playing competitive video games together should be considered a sport. Some argue that sports can require minimal physical activity, such as golf – and that competitive gaming shouldn’t be excluded from the ‘sports’ category.

The eGames website states that the first full eGames will take place in South Korea in 2018, followed by Japan in 2020. Qualifiers will be run each year in different countries to select participants for the following years, though we are intrigued to know how the event will succeed with popular competitive video games sometimes becoming irrelevant after much less than 4 years. But the video game olympics should prove a great platform for countries to engage more in modern culture, where not everyone’s interests align to professional physical sports.

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