Valve announces plans to revise the Steam Controller

A supposed 400,000 steam controllers are currently in circulation. Valve, the well known company behind video game successes such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike created a platform for PC gamers known as Steam. The Steam brand now features it’s own hardware setups, controllers and gaming-optimised operating systems to run on their Steam boxes in an attempt to bring the merits of PC gaming ‘to the living room’.

Retailing at £39.99 on the Steam store, the controller features dual trackpads and haptic feedback to enhance immersion when playing games from their vast array of compatible titles.

Picture from Valve's demonstration at GDC 2016
Photograph from Valve’s presentation at GDC 2016 featuring Griffais

Announced at GDC 2016, Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais mentioned that the Steam Controller would undergo revisions to improve look and feel, but that it would have only minor feature updates, stating:

“Maybe we’ll throw extra features in here or there, but the controller’s not gonna grow a new touchpad, or a new set of buttons, or a new major feature.” – Pierre-Loup Griffais, Valve

At this stage it is unknown what timescale Valve proposes for the new revision of the popular Steam Controller.

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