Western Digital releases WD Gold for datacentres

Western Digital, a leading hardware manufacturer tiers their consumer line of storage products in terms of their purpose and reliability. Previously we had seen the Blue series, an economy series designed to provide value storage to the mainstream market, which options such as the Black series offering greater performance and reliability for the enthusiast. Today, we welcome a new colour to Western Digital’s portfolio of storage products: the WD Gold.

Image shows a 6TB WD Gold drive.
Image shows a 6TB WD Gold drive.

The WD Gold series is pitched at big data centres, including medium and small business servers and storage cluster. Even though the enterprise-class WD Ae, WD Re andWD Se series already fulfill this role, these new drives are faster and more resilient than the past.

WD Gold series will adopt the standard 3.5 drive inch specifications, with a SATA 6Gps port. The storage options are 8TB (WD8002FRYZ), 6TB(WD6002FRYZ), 4TB(WD4002FRYZ), with 7200RPM speed and 128MB of cache.

The 8TB SKU is based on helium charging technology and has a 7.4W power consumption.

The 6/4TB SKUs don’t have the same helium technology but the 6TB type supports NAND flash memory cache and has a 9.1W power consumption.

The WD Gold 6TB’s random write performance is 30% better than the WD Re 6TB, and the WD Gold 4TB’s performance is 18% better than the last generation.

All of the above three support 550TB of data writes per year. The average interval time for breakdown is 2.50 million hours and they support enhanced RAFF protection technology and TLER. They are also specially optimized for RAID.

The prices for release are set to be $629, $499 and $309. They all have 24/7 advanced technology support.

Screenshot from Anandtech showing the series.
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