Intel Broadwell-E Leakage

The first official slides of the Intel Broadwell-E HEDT processors PPT have been leaked out and confirm that the launch is taking place at next week’s Computex.

The Intel Broadwell-E family features a total of four new processors which will start from price of $400. The processors will be compatible with existing and new X99 motherboards. Broadwell-E can feature either 3.4 Billion transistors on 246mm2 dies or 4.7 Billion transistors on 306mm2 dies. The first and second options will still be a big improvement in overall transistors per die moving from Haswell-E which housed up to 2.6 Billion transistors on a 355mm2 die. Intel expects to deliver up to 15% better single threaded and multi-threaded performance.

The Intel Core i7-6950X processor will feature 10 cores and 20 threads. The processor will run at a base clock of 3.00 GHz and a 3.50 GHz boost clock. The processor rocks 25 MB of L3 cache (2.5 MB per core). Intel will be asking a price of $1723 for this processor which is an 1.72x increase over the previous flagship (Core i7-5960X).

The Intel Core i7-6900K is the second fastest processor in the series and is tuned with better clock speeds on a 14nm process node. The Intel Core i7-6900K features 8 CPU cores and 16 threads. The Core i7-6900K is clocked at frequencies of 3.2 GHz base and 3.7 GHz boost clocks. There are same 40 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes on this chip while featuring a 140W TDP.

The Core i7-6850K will feature a base clock of 3.60 GHz base and 3.80 GHz boost while the Core i7-6800K will feature clock speeds of 3.40 GHz base and 3.60 GHz boost. Both processors are fully compliant with the LGA 2011-3 socket and will feature support for quad channel DDR4 memory with speeds of up to 2400 MHz (O.C+).










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