NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 3DMark Benchmarks Exposed

3DMark benchmarks are reliable indicators and references for a GPU’s performance. In this chart we have 5 different benchmarks including 3DMark 11 Performance, FireStrike Performance, FireStrike Extreme, 3DMark 11 Extreme and FireStrike Ultra.

All cards in this comparison use stock settings. The variance for the GTX 1080 clocks were between 1860 to 1886 MHz, probably from the new GPU Boost 3.0 technology.


The tests show the GTX 1080 pulling ahead in the FireStrike Ultra benchmark with a score of 4998 compared to the 980 Ti’s 3867. This 29% increase is great news looking at it’s higher 250W TDP, but remember GPU Boost will push clock speeds potentially above this if the thermal solutions permits it so we can’t do an apples to apples comparison here. Generally speaking however, in terms of both performance per watt, value for money and overall progress, these are good numbers for NVIDIA’s new flagship card. Sure we should always expect improvements and innovations with every next generation GPU release, but a jump like this can only be good news.





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