Seagate and HGST Release 10TB Storage Options

Seagate and HGST’s 10TB hard disks are both available now. It has been one and a half year before we witnessed a larger storage hard disk come out since HGST’s 8TB hard disk released in November 2014.

The Seagate’s Enterprise Capacity 3.5 10TB hard disk is numbered as “ST10000NM0016”, and it uses the helium-filled technology to encapsulate 7 disks. It has 6Gbps port SATA, 7200RPM speed, 256MB cache storage, 254MB/s maximum sustained transfer rate, 4.16ms average delaying time, 2.50 million hours’ average time between failure, and can run 24/7/365 nonstop.

HGST Ultrastar He is numbered as the “HUH721010ALE600”, with the third generation helium-filled technology. This is the first time it supports 4K 512e sector format, and has a 6Gbps SATA port, 12Gbps SAS, 7200RPM speed, 256MB cache storage, 249MB/s reading speed, 225MB/s writing speed, 8.0ms typicial reading seek time and 8.6ms write latency.

The Seagate 10TB and the HGST’s 10TB are around $731 and $752.

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