Kaby Lake and Zen CPUs May Not Launch Until 2017

Market watchers originally expected Intel and AMD to launch their new CPU platforms in the third and fourth quarter, respectively, to help boost PC demand in the second half. But eports from Taiwan showed that both Intel Kaby Lake or AMD Zen processors may not be launching until CES 2017 next January.

Kaby Lake and Zen have been planned for Q3 2016 launches and Q4 at the latest, but serious inventory issues are causing both Intel and AMD to delay their respective launches. This is partly due to the supply chain, but also because there is a surplus of current gen processors in stock which need to be cleared before the new chips arrive.

Since most Skylake and Haswell-based inventory are still waiting to be digested  and the Kaby Lake architecture does not feature any major improvements from the previous-generation architectures, Intel is not in a hurry to release Kaby Lake-based CPUs until early 2017.

The PC supply chain will not be able to begin mass production for the next-generation products until November or December and PC demand is also unlikely to pick up until the first quarter of 2017 with the delays.


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