Geforce GTX 1080 For Sale Today

May 27, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

The new GTX 1080 is big news for the PC industry. It’s currently the fastest graphics card on the market, but the general consensus is that nVidia have lowballed us on pricing, with the card much more (…)

New AMD Polaris Specifications Revealed

May 14, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

TechPowerUp revealed new specifications of two upcoming AMD GPUs based on the 4th generation GCN “Polaris” architecture. Suppose that each CU still consists of 64 stream processors (SP), the total SP count will be 2,048. This chip is supposedly going to offer a single-precision (…)

NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 Only Supports 2-way SLI

May 12, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

NVIDIA’s new SLI HB bridge supposedly will double the available transfer bandwidth compared to the NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture and deliver a smoother gaming experience. The longest connector at 81.26MM has only 4 fingers, which means it will only work (…)

AMD VEGA GPU Set for October Release

May 11, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

NVIDIA’s lineup launch success has given AMD huge pressure since they have advertised the Polaris architecture for a long time. AMD planned to release the Polaris 10/11 at the end of this month, aimed at competing with NVIDIA’s GP106/107 core. (…)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 faster than 980 Ti

May 6, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

NVIDIA declared last night that they’ll release the new products at 18:00, May 6th. NVIDIA will have 8GB VRAM for its flagship card GTX 1080.  The GDDR5X modules are clocked at 2500 MHz with 10000 MHz effective clock,  which means the bandwidth (…)

AMD R9 M480 Laptop GPU Confirmed

May 3, 2016 Tracy Zhou 0

The AMD R9 M480 GPU has been confirmed to be Polaris with a device ID of 67E0, which means the core part is Polaris 11 (Baffin) architecture.  The GPU clock is set to 1000 MHz and the equivalet frequency is 5000MHz. (…)

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