Sony doubles GPU Power on the PS4K

April 19, 2016 justmiff 0

The revision of the console has been anticipated for some time now, but Giant Bomb claims that the new hardware will feature an improved graphics chipset, doubling the shader core count from 1152 (18 CU) to 2304 (…)

3DMark enjoys new Virtual Reality Benchmark

April 12, 2016 justmiff 0

With Virtual Reality taking the main stage in 2016 and headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive round the corner, PC enthusiasts are preparing for potentially the next biggest step towards hyper-realism in the gaming industry. One (…)

The Definitive Guide to Laptop Shopping

April 11, 2016 justmiff 1

Laptops. So you’ve had your laptop for a few years now and it’s slow and a nightmare to work with, but with a recently new price category of affordable laptops you’re unsure if the latest machine will really be that much (…)